Educating the Whole Child – We believe education is more than imparting knowledge.  To us, learning is a holistic experience that maximizes each child’s intellectual, social, emotional, and artistic capabilities. Our low student to teacher ratio allows our teachers to fully understand each student and nurture each one to reach their individual potential.

Preparing Leaders of tomorrow – Our students are active participants in their education. A strong emphasis is placed on critical thinking, encouraging students to question and develop their own ideas. Our graduates are fully equipped with the skills to pursue the path of their choice in an ever-changing world.

Inspired Jewish Living-Life’s journey brings with it questions and challenges. Our students are empowered with the proficiency to find answers and inspiration in 3000 years of Jewish wisdom directly from the original classical texts. We motivate a lifelong career of Jewish learning connecting our rich past with 21st century living in an education that touches the heart as well as the mind.

Child-Centered Learning- We ensure that every child learns in the way that promotes individual success. Our multi-sensory lessons are driven by student interest which improves both engagement and retention.

The Torah Academy Family – We provide a warm and safe environment, where children are treated with love and respect. Our diverse student population is a snapshot of the broad Jewish community. Our students learn from an early age to appreciate Jews across a wide spectrum in a celebration of our similarities being stronger than our differences. Our school community reaches parents as well as children.

Instilling Values- We prepare our students to be exemplary world citizens by infusing lessons with moral development. A strong focus is placed on building midot tovot (good character) and derech eretz (respect). School-wide programs promote collaboration amongst students and stress the importance of communal responsibility.