King Solomon: Proverbs

            At Torah Academy, we believe that every child has the potential to be a powerful learner and a great citizen.  Each child has strengths and abilities which must be recognized and supported in a respectful and caring manner. 

           Our Early Childhood Program is inspired by Montessori principles and the Reggio Emilia philosophy. Both General studies and Judaic studies are taught in center based classrooms and incorporate aspects of these methodologies. We believe that each child is their own teacher and learns best through discovery. We as their second teacher, are responsible for creating learning opportunities based on individual student needs and abilities as well as widely accepted educational standards. The environment functions as the child’s third teacher and it is the responsibility of the teacher to create an environment that facilitates learning and growth in the following developmental domains: Cognitive/Academic, Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Communication/Social, and Self-help/problem solving.