Torah Academy's General Studies program uses Louisiana's academic standards to create lesson plans, assignments and assessments that help their students master the knowledge and skill defined by each of the academic standards. Our General Studies Program consists of English language arts (reading and writing), math, science, social studies, physical education and health. Our differentiated curriculum allows students to be challenged and meets the needs of every student.


The most important goal of Language Arts is to teach children to communicate successfully through language. Whilst reading, writing, speaking, and listening, students will be encouraged to expand their thinking and creativity. Many doors will open to students as they master new vocabulary, acquire enriched reading comprehension, improve spelling, and learn new literary techniques. Children’s work will be displayed around the school, their self- expression encouraged and accepted.

 We use the Reader's and Writer's Workshop Units of Study written by Lucy Calkins, founding director of the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project.  A quote from some of the other authors who are part of this project: "We teach the reader, not just the reading. We want children to be lifelong learners who read actively and independently across the curriculum, who engage their minds and understand what they read..." -Stephanie Harvey & Anne Goudvis

As part of this same approach, we use the Fountas and Pinnel reading assessment system to asses each student's individual reading progress at regular intervals. 

Spell to Write and Read (SWR) is a foundational reading program that provides our students with the phonemic awareness and phonics skills needed to successfully become fluent readers.


We venture to help our students become math literate, to understand and comprehend the number system, as opposed to merely memorizing it. Many life skills are incorporated into math games and practice, including telling time, counting money, data organization, etc.

For Mathematics instruction, use Eureka Math. This curriculum was developed especially for the state of NY in response to the development of the Common Core. It is used widely throughout the US, has excellent reviews and testimonials demonstrating the success of the curriculum, and has recently been adopted by the State of Louisiana.

Science gives us a better understanding of our world. Our Science curriculum encourages the students to be curious about the world and ask questions. Through hands-on experiments, students use scientific inquiry to learn new skills and conceptualize key scientific concepts. The ability to break down information, helps our students in all areas of school.



The integrated study of sociology, history, and political science will give students a solid understanding of human nature and a global view of experiences leading up to current events. Teachers facilitate projects and activities that will enable children to actually experience these events on their own! Throughout this course, students will come to know of the great big world we live in, and how it has developed and advanced through time.


Our technology curriculum is incorporated into almost every class. The students and teachers utilize technology to enhance all of their lessons. Our classrooms are outfitted with SMART panels, Chromebooks and iPads. TA recognizes that technology is the way of the future and teaches their students how to use it effectively and responsibly.


The physical education program works on values such as teamwork, sportsmanship, and confidence. Our students do rigorous exercises and sports that help develop these qualities, each grade according to their level. 


Art is a cornerstone in healthy child development. Within our general curriculum, our teachers incorporate the arts to foster creative thinking. As well, we offer an art class to teach the students techniques for honing their creativity, helping them focus their energies.


Our music curriculum is centered around teaching our students music theory, and giving them a creative outlet. Throughout their years in elementary, students perfect their skills of playing the Ukelele and other musical instruments.