Our Early Childhood program is centered around developmentally appropriate activities that encourage the social, physical, intellectual, creative and emotional development of each child. The philosophy behind our curriculum is that children learn best by doing and playing. We believe that true learning requires active thinking and experimenting to find out how things work and to learn hands-on about the world in which we live. Our center based classrooms provide hands-on opportunities for children to learn through play.

Once children have learned to walk and are developmentally ready, they transition from the infant class to the one-year-old class where they are given the opportunity to participate in many new learning activities. This transition includes moving from a crib to a cot for naptime, learning to sit in a chair at a table to eat and participate in activities such as painting and play-doh, and learning to follow 1 to 3 step directions.

In this class, we focus on giving each student the love and attention they need during this critical growth period of their life. Each student is nurtured, and their individual needs are met. 

The children in this class develop their creativity and sensory skills throughout the year with different activities such as painting and play dough. They learn the basis of rhythm through a daily music & movement time. They also spend a large portion of their day outdoors or in a large play area where they get to move around, explore their environment and develop their gross motor skills.

Sample Schedule
The daily schedule varies based on student needs, but generally, a day proceeds as follows:

8:15-8:30              Greeting students and parents/Free Play/Snack
8:30-8:45              Art Exploration/Sensory Exploration (rotates every other day)
8:45-9:00              Diaper changes
9:00-9:15              Storytime
9:15-9:30              Music and Movement   
9:30-10:00           Gross motor (outside or gym)
10:00-10:30         Snack/Diaper check
10:30-10:45         Davening/Hebrew Music
10:45-11:00         Free Play/Prepare for lunch
11:00-11:30         Lunch
11:30-12:00         Diaper check/prepare for nap
12:00-2:15           Nap
2:15-2:35              Snack
2:35-2:55              Diaper check/Free Play
3:00-3:30              Gross Motor
3:30-4:00              Free Play/Diaper check
4:00-6:00              Extended Day